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Computer Music Theater works


for narrator, wii-remote and performance-driven multi-media.  This live recording from my 2024 Very Midi recital at Susquehanna University

Composed, programmed and performed by Patrick Long

2023.  8 minutes.

A Very Midi X.mus Recital (commercial)

For my February 2, 2024 recital at Susquehanna University.  Program: Variations on a Byzantine Christmas Chant for Disklavier and computer, Palindromeda for narrator and performance-driven multi-media, Spice Games for romantically-involved duo and semi-fixed media, The Many Merry Midi Bells of Christmas for Zendrum, narrator and multi-media,  and my "cover" of John Cage's 4'33"

Oddball Abstract

For two "Oddball" midi controllers and max/msp.

Composed, programmed and performed by Patrick Long

2023.  18 minutes

Spice Games

For romantically involved instrumental duo, and semi-fixed video media (performers start and stop video playback as if operating a chess timer)

Written for Hunter Horne, horn,  and Becca Reeder, clarinet.  Composed 2023. Premiere will be in February 2024. 

Ricettario! Ricettario!

for narrator, midi ring controller and Theremini.

18 minutes. Composed 2022. 

Medicine Show 

For Zendrum midi percussion controller, vocal mic with processing, performance-driven video, props (illuminated medicine bottles and a styrofoam wig mannequin on a pedestal), 2 cameras and computer-controlled lights.  Each of the four movements is based on a different medicine, each of which is designed to treat ailments that are metaphysical, philosophical or spiritual.  45 minutes (composed 2018-2020)

House of Midi

A youtube commercial for my January 2023 recital, which included four new works:

House of Midi for pipe organ and midi controllers

Partita for snare drum and tablet computer

Riccetario! Riccetario! for theremin and narrator

Oddball Abstract for oddball midi controllers and narrator

Rockville: Summer of 1980

Wii remote, three cameras, props (small figures), processed vocal mic, lights, video. 25 minutes, composed 2014.

Based on Knoxville: Summer of 1915, except the family sitting in the yard is comprised of alcoholic conspiracy theorists.

Disraeli Gears

for Korg Wavedrum, narrator with vocal processing, wii remote, USB cameras used as controllers, Cream record album, video and lights. 15 minutes.  Composed 2018.

About a person who studies the images on a classic

album to discover the secrets of existence. 

The Syncing Stick

for drum set and fixed video media.  14 minutes.  Composed 2014 and enhanced several times since.

The opposite of lip-syncing.  Here the video is pre-recorded by the sound is played live.  Until at some point it isn't.  

Time Point Preludes

For midi-capable piano and performance-driven video.  18 minutes.  Composed 2018.

The 10 movements don't have titles. Instead each is inspired by a time of year and a place.  These are indicated by environmental audio and video.

Love Child

For djembe with pick-up and performance-driven video. 10 minutes.  Composed 2015.

This is a real-time mashup. Striking the djembe triggers a cross-fade between two synchronized videos.  The first video shows Stevie Ray Vaughan's cover of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return), and the second video is an electronic version of that song combined with scenes from the silent film Metropolis.  The live, ritualistic combining of these is the Love Child in this case. 

String Theory

For malletkat midi percussion controller, ankle bells and performance-driven video.  8 minutes, composed 2014.


For two scordatura autoharps (played with various implements including marimba mallets, chopsticks, violin bows and flashlights) and performance-driven video.  Each of the four movements is based on a different definition of the word "chimera".  11 minutes, composed 2016.

Glyph Tropes

for DK10 midi percussion controller and performance-driven video.  15 minutes, composed 2010.

48 Movements

for snare drum and interactive computer media system. Composed 2004, revised 2007. 50 minutes.

Berlin Set

for midi-capable piano and performance-driven multi-media.  25 minutes, composed 2005.

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