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Computer Music Theater works

House of Midi

A youtube commercial for my January 2023 recital, which included four new works:

House of Midi for pipe organ and midi controllers

Partita for snare drum and tablet computer

Riccetario! Riccetario! for theremin and narrator

Oddball Abstract for oddball midi controllers and narrator


Doctor Zoran's Computer Music Medicine Show 

Zendrum, vocal mic with processing, video, props (lighted bottles and statue), 2 cameras, controlled lights.  45 minutes (composed 2018-2020)

Rockville-Summer of 1980.png

Rockville: Summer of 1980

Wii remote, three cameras, props (small figures), processed vocal mic, lights, video. 25 minutes, composed 2014.

Based on Knoxville: Summer of 1915, except the family sitting in the yard is comprised of alcoholic conspiracy theorists.


Disraeli Gears

for Korg Wavedrum, narrator with vocal processing, wii remote, USB cameras used as controllers, Cream record album, video and lights. 15 minutes.  Composed 2018.

About a person who studies the images on a classic

album to discover the secrets of existence. 

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