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Works for computer music with performers by Patrick Long

Shadow Steps

for violin and video.

composed for Andrew Waggoner, 2001.  Recorded by Davis Brooks, 2015.  Video component commissioned by Alana Zaks, 2021. (7 min.)

Purchase video file (link will be emailed to you) $10

The Syncing Stick

for drummer and fixed media, 2014, enhanced 2016-2019 (14 min)

Orbital Beacons

for electric violin, cello and computer music.  Composed for Lina Bahn and Collin Oldham in 2003. Revised for a recording by Davis Brooks and Kurt Fowler in 2019. 

Time Point Preludes

for midi-capable piano and performance-driven multi-media. (18 min.)


for electric, scordatura autoharps and interactive computer media system

Love Child

for amplified djembe and interactive computer media system, 2016. (8 min)

Variations on a Byzantine Christmas Chant

for midi-capable piano and interactive computer music system

48 Movements

for snare drum and interactive computer media. 2003, rev. 2007.  (40 minutes)

Glyph Tropes

for midi percussion controller and performance-driven multi-media.  Composed 2010.  (14 min.)

De Profundis

for clarinet and fixed video media

Purchase video file (link will be emailed to you) $10

Analogous Sets

for clarinet, 'cello, and video robot drummer.  Composed for the Maverick Ensemble.  (15 minutes)

Purchase video and parts (via emailed link) $15

Summer Nocturne

for alto saxophone and electronic music (fixed media).  Composed 1990.  (7 min.)

Purchase audio file via emailed link $10


for alto saxophone and computer music max/msp.  2001 (9 min.)

Composed for and recorded by Gail Levinsky.

String Theory

for malletkat and interactive computer media system (max/msp/jitter) (8 min.)

Berlin Set

For midi-capable piano (piano bar), and interactive computer media system. (25 min.)

Poems by Eric Berlin, music by Patrick Long.  Composed for and performed by Jennifer Blyth.

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